About Us

eThievery started as a response to the thousands of online jewellery stores that sell sub-standard products at huge markups. We wanted to offer an alternate way of buying inexpensive, but high-quality jewellery online. We like to consider ourselves a "Robin Hood" of sorts of the e-commerce world, hence the combination of "e" and "thievery". We're taking a different direction to the dodgy companies with huge markups, and instead offering great products at even greater prices. 

We source high quality jewellery and bracelets from around the world, spending a long time researching and negotiating with suppliers to find the highest quality and most cost-effective (but still fashionable!) products. Then, we sell these products on our online store. Because of our direct to customer business model, we cut out the expensive "middle men", and are able to focus on reducing cost. 

Our products are often handmade, using a range of different metals and naturally occurring elements. As a result, almost every piece of jewellery we sell is unique.

So what are you waiting for? Join the movement today and show off your bling!